Sunday, December 11, 2011

Possession of Souls

Coming January 10, 2012
Possesion of Souls.
Book 5.
The final installment in the Of Witches and Warlocks series.

Fear and desperation leave Portia and Vance clinging to threadbare hope as life is given, and taken away. Manipulated, driven by bloodlust and the desire to claim sole possession, the stakes are raised higher than they’ve ever been before. Evil rises with the intent to dominate, leading them and their coven to the ultimate confrontation—a battle which will force one of them to make a devastating, life-altering decision. Who will survive the final stand?

He turned, taking several steps toward me before he stopped and pointed a finger. “I know what you’re doing, Portia, and I don’t like it one bit!” His eyes flashed angrily.

“What am I doing?” I asked, trying to keep up my charade.

“Oh, please, spare me the whole innocent routine. I know you—intimately. I can smell your trap a mile away.”

“Then feel free to enlighten me.” I folded my arms tightly across my chest.

“See!” He gestured to my arms. “You’re doing it right now!” he added sounding flustered.

“Doing what?” I asked, throwing my hands up in frustration, as I honestly began to wonder if he was really losing it.

“Making yourself look so … edible,” he answered, finally seizing onto a word.

I started laughing. “And what does one do exactly, Vance, to make themselves look edible?” I took a deliberate step toward him.

“What you’re doing right now.” His heated expression traveled over me.

“And what am I doing right now?” I asked, taking another step closer, walking very slowly as I crossed the space.

“You’re … moving ... and talking,” he replied, not making any sense at all, and I could tell he was completely flustered.

“So, you’re saying I shouldn’t move or talk?” I continued in his direction.

“Yes.” He swallowed thickly before he realized how absurd he sounded. “I mean no,” he muttered before adding, “I don’t know. You just need to stop.”

I was standing next to him now, and I leaned in close to his body, feeling him sway toward me as if he were magnetized, drawn especially to me.

“Portia,” he whispered, and I could feel his control faltering.

“Yes, Vance?” I murmured, knowing I was so close to being triumphant.

He hovered above me, his head tilted as his gaze brushed back and forth between my lips and neck. His hand lifted, reaching out with what looked like a slight tremor. The pad of his thumb caressed lightly over my cheek before he traced his fingers down my neck, over my collarbone and onto the exposed skin inside my shirt.

My breath caught at his touch, and his eyes locked with mine as we leaned closer together ...

Find out the rest of what happens on January 10th!!


Marie said...

A friend shared your first book in your Witches and Warlock series with me and I am hooked. You are a brilliant author. I will read more of your work.


Kristy said...

LOVED these books Your an awesome writter Im having a hard time waiting till January 10th!! I hope you write a million more series!! Thanks for the great Reads!!

hollywood3586 said...

I don't want this to be it for Portia and Vance. :(

LMWeatherford said...

Thank you everyone! It's been a fun series to write!! I'm glad you have been enjoying it! :D

A little update from author Lacey Weatherford