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New SNEAK PEEK and poster for COVEN: Of Witches and Demons, book 1

It's getting CLOSE! Are you ready for COVEN
Here's a little SNEAK PEEK, plus preorder links and blogger ARC/Blitz sign up link. Also, this poster and some of its friends will be up for grabs during the COVEN Release Event happening April 18 in The Royal Court of the Queens of Romance on Facebook. This event is open to all, so feel free to come join the group and partake of other prizes and games happening in the meantime!

EXCERPT (Unedited):
Leaving my room, I stepped out into the hallway, looking both ways before stopping to stare at the open door to the attic. Goose bumps flared across my skin as I distinctly remembered closing the door after Seth and I had explored it. I was pretty sure no one had been up there since.

As if manipulated, my feet turned and moved toward the dark staircase, my heart pounding in my chest with every step. I briefly thought I should call my parents and have them come check with me, but when I tried to stop or open my mouth it was as if I had no control over myself.

Treading lightly, I made my way soundlessly up the wooden stairs, pausing at the top and looking around.

Moonlight filtered dimly into the space from the lace-covered windows, showing the area to look exactly as it had before, except the lid on the trunk I’d gone through was still open. I couldn’t remember if I closed it or not, but went to take care of it anyway.
Kneeling beside it, I brushed my hand lovingly over the fine, beautiful fabric of the dresses near the top. Again, I wondered whom they might have belonged to.

Skin prickling, I immediately had the feeling I was not alone. To my left was a soft stirring of light above my head and I gasped, shrinking away from it.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” A musical female voice, with what I thought might be an Irish lilt, filled the air. “When I saw them I wished I could try them on.”

I was shaking. “Who’s there?” I called out in a harsh whisper, my mouth feeling dry.
Slowly, the light beside me began to grow brighter as it lengthened, until the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen—or rather her ghost—was standing before me.

Looking over her, I noted that she dissolved away into nothingness near her feet, and she was clearly see-through. But none of that did anything to diminish her looks.

“Who are you?” Even as I took in her white blonde hair, porcelain features and pale full lips, I was shaking. I’d never seen a ghost before, and to be honest, I hadn’t even really known if they actually existed. If there was one thing being a witch had taught me, though, it was to always have an open mind when it came to all things magical or otherworldly. I waited with bated breath...

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Amazon: (No preorder. Available on release day April 12th.)

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Of Witches and Warlocks, The Complete Series omnibus IN PRINT!

It's Here!!!
That's right! All of you Of Witches and Warlocks fans who have been BEGGING for a set with the complete series, here you go!

The Complete Series
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Author: Lacey Weatherford
Books Included:
1. The Trouble with Spells
2. The Demon Kiss
3. Blood of the White Witch
4. The Dark Rising
5. Possession of Souls

Short description:
Delve into the world of novice witch, Portia Mullins, and her uber sexy warlock boyfriend, Vance Mangum, as the two find themselves caught up in a world of magic, mystery, and mayhem. This box set contains the complete full-length set of books.

This great special is a STEAL! To purchase all 5 print copies, it would cost you $70.00!! Get the omnibus for only $39.99 from retailers OR get a special BARGAIN price by ordering SIGNED COPIES directly from the author, Lacey Weatherford, for only $34.99! That's HALF OFF the entire regular print price for the series!!!

To order directly from the author, please follow the link to the Book Order Purchase and select Of Witches and Warlocks, The Complete Series. Click HERE!

Retailer links are being worked up right now and will be popping up all over in the next couple of weeks. So keep an eye out for those.

This book is also available in ebook format, with bonus features, Book of Shadows: Fire & Ice, and a sneak peek at the new sequel series, Of Witches and Demons, book one: Coven, coming April 12, 2015!


Happy reading!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

SNEAK PEEK: COVEN + Blogger/ARC sign ups!


Hey all! As many of you know, I have a new release coming up. Coven, the first book in my Of Witches and Demons series, is coming on April 12, 2015!! Woohoo!!

For those of you who are fans of my Of Witches and Warlocks series, Of Witches and Demons is the sequel series, and YES, Vance and Portia are returning as characters! BUT, if you haven’t read Of Witches and Warlocks, you can still read Coven/Of Witches and Demons and know what is going on.

So here is a never before seen SNEAK PEEK of Coven to tease you! Preorder links are listed below as well! 

Short description:
Born a witch.
Sheltered to learn control.
Now she's ready to have a "normal" life.
Too bad things don't always go as planned.

Excerpt (unedited):
“Who the hell is that?” Jett’s voice caused me to jump, since I hadn’t realized he was still here. Turning, I found him sitting against the wall just beyond the doors to the school. An angry expression was on his face, his mouth set in a hard line as he glared at me.
Glancing back to where my dad was taking off his motorcycle helmet, I watched as he smiled and waved at me. “You ready?” he shouted, and I nodded.
“Be right there. Give me one sec.” I glanced back to Jett, deciding this was just too good to pass up. “What’s it to you?”
“Well, for one, I thought you were dating Seth. You just gave me your big old high and mighty speech about two-timers and then this guy shows up.”
I shifted my books to one side as I stared at him. “Weren’t you the one who was trying to convince me that Seth and I didn’t need to be exclusive? So which is it? Am I to be loyal to Seth, or only loyal unless you are the one who wants a piece of me.”
“Who is this guy to you?” he practically growled at me.
“Why does it matter to you so much?”
Jett’s eyes glittered like ice. “Because I want to know who my competition is.”
“You have no competition because you’re not even in the running.” He was so dang pompous.
“Give me time. I’ll grow on you and then you’ll change your mind.”
“Don’t hold your breath.”
“I don’t need to. I’m confident in my ability to sway you.”
“Get lost, Jett.” I turned toward the motorcycle, tired of the conversation. It was like beating my head against a brick wall.
“With you? Happily.”
Glancing behind me, I saw him rising to follow me and I felt my pulse rate shoot up. I needed to keep him away from dad, just in case he could sense anything from him, but I didn’t know how to distract him. Before I could contemplate anymore, Jett moved right on past me, heading for my dad. I ran after him.
“Wait!” I called but it was too late.
“How do you know, Kenna?” Jett asked, his posture completely on the defensive.
My dad arched an eyebrow and glanced between the two of us. “What’s going on here?” he asked through our mental link.
“This guy is a friend of Seth’s, but he thinks I made the wrong choice. He wants me to date him instead. Now he thinks you’re competition as well.” I groaned. This was so embarrassing.
“I got this, sweetheart. Just play along.” Dad winked at me, before turning back to Jett. “I’m her boyfriend. What’s it to you?”
Oh dear sweet heaven above! “What are you doing? I practically screamed into my dad’s head. “Don’t stir the pot!”
He didn’t answer, simply staring at Jett who now had some sort of pained grin on his face as he turned to look at me. “You’re such a damn liar, you know that? A two faced, two timing liar.”
“Don’t you talk to her that way,” Dad said, swinging his leg off the still running bike and I groaned. I knew my dad. If he felt I was being threatened in anyway, he’d go ballistic.
“I’ll talk to the little cheat any way I want.”
“Stop it! Both of you!” I yelled, stepping between them. I stared at Jett. “He’s not my boyfriend, you ass. He’s my dad, and he was just testing you. I’m pretty sure you failed.”
Jett’s expression changed from one of anger to horror as he realized his mistake, but he immediately tried to recover. Holding out his hand, he spoke. “I’m Jett Blackstone. Nice to meet you sir.”
Dad just stared at Jett’s hand. “Sorry, kid. Too little, too late.”

Want to read more? Preorder Coven now!

Preorder Links:
Amazon: (No preorder. Available on release day April 12th.)

COVEN: Of Witches and Demons, Book 1
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 12, 2015
Author: Lacey Weatherford
Blogger ARC/Release Day Blitz Sign Up: Click HERE!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Dark Rising

What happens when the one you love suddenly isn't the same anymore?

"I didn’t know then the appearance of Vance in my life would so completely turn things upside down. While our relationship was filled with many moments that were like a dream come true, most of our time together was tangled in an ever-threatening web of lies and deceit. Some of those deceptions nearly cost us our lives—and eventually, one did cost Vance his, bringing us both to this moment tonight, when I realized with an aching heart . . .Vance had changed."
                              ~ Portia Mullins, The Dark Rising, Book 4 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series.

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance 
#1 Paranormal Romance
#1 Love & Romance 
#1 Family Saga
Nominated for Best PNR of the Year by the Romance Reviews





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Photography by Regina Wamba
Graphic Art by Lacey Weatherford