Friday, May 24, 2019

Dream Cast List: Match the Character To the Actor!

Back in the day, I kept a dedicated list of my favorite actors to play the main characters in the Of Witches and Warlocks (and now the Book of Shadows) series. This is that list! Can you match the character name with the actor I chose to play them? Each correct answer will be added to a drawing for a Mystery Prize. Who will win the final Game of Thrones Witches? #LetTheGamesBegin

Character Names:
1. Vance Mangum
2. Portia Mullins
3. Sean Mullins (Portia's Dad)
4. Damien Cummings (Vance's Dad)
5. Milly Mullins (Portia's Grandma)
6. Stacey Mullins (Portia's Mom)
7. Krista Mangum (Vance's Mom)
8. Brad Anderson (Vance & Portia's Bestfriend, Shelly's Boyfriend)
9. Shelly Fontane (Vance & Portia's Bestfriend, Brad's Girlfriend)
10. Hex/Hezikiah (Portia's Jinn Trainer/Step-Grandpa)
11. Douglas Cummings (Vance's Grandpa)
12. Fiona Cummings (Vance's Grandma)
13. Brian Fitzgerald (Douglas's Nephew)
14. Crispin (Friend of Sean/Leader of another coven)
15. Catriona Fitgerald (Brian's Mom)
16. Mayla (Bayou Demon Coven Leader)

Match the character NAME to the corresponding LETTER. Example: Vance = (insert LETTER). DO NOT answer with Number = Letter. It makes them too difficult to check each answer. Credit won't be given if the answers aren't listed as (Character Name) = (Letter). Answers may be given on this post or any social media post where this game appears. HAVE FUN! 

NOTE: This game is part of the Of Witches ad Warlocks 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. You can read the story all over again in a whole new way with the entire series rewritten from Vance's point of view. There's a ton of never before seen material, insights, dialogue, chapters, scenes, etc. Don't miss out on all the fun and fall in love with Vance all over again in the brand new Book of Shadows series!
Book of Shadows Links:
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                                5. Blood Bound (Coming Sept. 22, 2019)