Thursday, September 22, 2016

Of Witches and Demons, Book 2, CRAFT

Craft, Of Witches and Demons, Book 2, will shortly be in the hands of readers. If you've missed out on book 1, Coven, now is a great time to catch up before the new release! Craft is also available for preorder on several sites. Those links are provided below. Happy Reading!

Amazon (Available on release day.)

Of Witches & Demons, Book1
Kenna Mangum was born a witch. She’s always known it -her family has always known it - from the moment she burst into flames in her father’s arms after she was delivered.

Denied interaction with regular society while she was coached into controlling her powers, Kenna has always felt a longing to join the rest of the world and get to experience a “normal” life.

Now her wish is about to be granted.

But when Kenna goes to public school for the first time she meets not one, but two amazing guys, both hiding secrets of their own. Now Kenna fears all chances of “normal” just disappeared.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

COVER FLIP: Bestseller COVEN Gets A New Look!

Into Flipping Houses? BOOKS are the name of the game in this house, so get ready for this AWESOME COVER FLIP! 
New cover for Coven, Of Witches and Demons book 1, available on Amazon! 
You can read it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! 
Stay tuned for more new cover reveals, PLUS the OFFICIAL cover for book 2, CRAFT, coming soon!

Get the full product description and purchase links by clicking below:

Thank you! Happy Reading! :) 

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