Friday, February 26, 2010

Special Thanks!

I just wanted to thank everybody over at The Parafactor Paranormal Radio for having me on the show last night!  The interview was a lot of fun...okay fans tell me it was hilarious...but I really did have a great time!  I have to say I certainly had some questioned asked to me that I have never considered before in my life!LOL  Thank you for the open invitation to return when my second book comes out!  That was very kind of you!
For any of you fans who missed the interview, The Parafactor posts links on their page to the shows.  They are usually pretty good about getting those up quickly, so if you want to hear the interview you can check for the link at , or if possible I will try to embed the link on here somewhere.
Catch my next radio interview on Catch That Book Radio program on March 16th!
Thanks a bunch!!
Lacey Weatherford
February 26, 2010

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