Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming Soon! Book 4 The Dark Rising!

Book four in the Of Witches and Warlocks series, The Dark Rising, will be released on July 12th, 2011 from 4 Corners Press!  In celebration of this event, Lacey will be posting teasers on this page and her social media sites, so check in everyday to see what the new teaser is!
Also, since all the books have been picked up by 4 Corners Press, they will be reproduced with a new cover design as well!  There will be a bit of a lag between now and when the print versions will be available again do to the switch, but ebook versions will still be available until then.  We are working as fast as possible to get those print versions back out there!  Thank you for your patience!
Here are the new covers!

The Dark Rising, Teaser #1:

“Vance & Portia forever, huh?”

“That’s right,” I challenged.
“Well, apparently forever didn’t last very long 4 you, did it?”

Teaser #2:
“Think what you want, but YOU ARE HIM! I've already been through hell because of you, and I don’t need you or your pompous attitude to add to it!” I turned and stormed off again, leaving him behind.
“Wait!” he called after me. I stopped, taking a deep breath trying to calm myself.
“What?” I asked, turning back around.

Teaser #3:
“Why are you doing this, Vance?” my voice quivered in anticipation.
“I’m not sure. Maybe because you need it,” he replied.

Teaser #4:
First Early Review for The Dark Rising:

"Once again, Lacey Weatherford has demonstrated her ability to craft a magnificent tale that is dark and dangerous, but filled with love and hope. Of Witches and Warlocks continues with The Dark Rising and Wow! You are not ready for this one! Hold on for the ride of your life as Portia and Vance continue to battle the darkness. Will their love be enough? Wonderfully written. Couldn't put it down!"
~ Beverly Sharp, The Wormhole Book Blog, Eyota, MN.

Teaser #5:
He bent to kiss me once more, holding me in his embrace for several long heated moments.
I stood on my tiptoes so I could reach him better and he wrapped his arms around me, lifting me closer. I put every ounce of my feelings into the kiss, not holding anything back, trying to show him what his declaration of love meant to me.
He answered my intensity kiss for kiss, passion for passion until soft moans werecoming from each of us.
I lost track of time and space as our mouths tangled together, tasting, touching, and sighing as need coursed thickly between us.

Teaser #6:
Before I could flip on the light, Vance suddenly grabbed me from behind, turning me to face him so he could kiss me again. I wrapped my arms around him and he pushed me backward, never breaking his kiss with me while he moved in the general direction of the door. My back hit the wall when we reached it, but he didn’t stop kissing me. His hands were everywhere, in my hair, on my face, down my body, around my waist.
I disconcertedly searched for the door behind me.
“I love you,” he said to me in the darkness just as my hand found the knob, and I noticed his eyes were glowing again.
“I love you too,” I replied, twisting the handle. The door popped open with abruptness and we fell though the opening together onto the kitchen floor.
I started laughing and he followed suit.
“Are you okay?” he asked, his body strewn out across the top of me.
“Yes,” I replied in a fit of giggles. “Are you?”
“I’m feeling pretty good right about now,” he said with his sexy grin smiling back at me.
Someone in the room cleared their throat. We both glanced up to find my dad standing over us with an amused look.
“It’s nice to see things are getting back to normal around here,” he said. “Surely though, there are better places than the kitchen floor.”

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