Tuesday, June 9, 2015


If you have a chance to come to Love N. Vegas​ this year at Planet Hollywood, I sure hope you will! This is always my FAVORITE SIGNING, hands down! (And I've been to A LOT!) Everyone has SO MUCH FUN!

I will be signing there this year, along with my bestie, Belinda Boring​. My daughter, author Kamery Solomon​ will be there helping us both out, too. So you can meet all three of us "Queens of Romance," if you haven't yet, and get your crazy on with us! haha

ALSO, two of my cover models will be attending the event, Jase Dean​, (Mr. Hollywood, A Celebrity Novel) and Drew Leighty​ (Crypt, Of Witches and Demons series, book 3)! These guys are AWESOME! So sweet, friendly, and funny! Don't miss out on the chance to meet them! It'll be worth it, I promise!

Plus, who doesn't want to party with the fabulous Ellie May McLove​ and all the Love N Books gals? Not to mention ALL the AMAZING authors in attendance!

I'm telling you, if you're a BOOK LOVER, these are YOUR PEOPLE! haha Come play! ;) <3

Get tickets!!! 

Hope to see YOU there! 

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